Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Great news!

Hello everyone
Thank you for your lovely comments on my posts and your best wishes. I enjoy reading what you say.
Tracy, I hope you're able to be back to 100% crafting soon. I'd find it very frustrating, especially if I couldn't do my knitting
Jenny, it has been worrying and I've been quite tearful too. I'll probably burst into tears when I eventually get to see her as well
Yay! daughter text me this morning to say that they are on their way home (fingers crossed!) In fact they should be boarding a plane as I publish this post. They're flying back to East Midlands and then having to get a coach back to Stanstead. But, you know what, it doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things, she's on her way home. It has been a truly sad, horrific, incident for those innocent Russian people. It does make you stop and think.
Anyway, today's card has been made for a work colleague's birthday. Making cards for work colleagues is one of the many reasons why I started card making. I was the one with the responsibility of buying the cards (there's 17 of us) and nobody thought to help with the cost. So it is for a gentleman who hasn't ever given any hints as to what hobbies he likes and for religious reasons does not drink. Last year I made a card using Serif digikit - Zodiac and made a "Saggitarius" card. SO! this year I was struggling to do something, especially as I started doing a zodiac card and when it was finished, it only struck me then that I'd done something similar to last year. A quick re-think and remembered I had a MCS cd-rom  called Nursery Rhyme. I googled his date of birth, to find that he was born on a Wednesday. I needed to make the topper in similar colours to the existing card in order to place it on top I took it into Serif and changed the colours, added shadows etc

7x7in card blank
MCS cd- rom Nursery Rhymes in the 3rd Anniversary collection
Serif digikit - Zodiac for lettering and "manipulating" the image 
Sue Wilson Noble Pierced Squares
Sue Wilson Pierced tags
Black card stock
CE Enchanted Gold gilding wax
Embossilicious Embossing folder

I hope you like it. Right I'm off to craft now to try and take my mind off the wait!


  1. Hi Karen this is a fantastic card I love the design. I am so glad that your daughter is on her way home. I hope you have a great evening. Hugs Jackie

  2. Brilliant card Karen. As you say it can be difficult when you don't know to much about the person receiving it. Great news about your daughter getting home, she will be so relieved too.
    You asked on my blog were I get my baskets? Well B&M. Home Bargains, mainly but when out and about I look for them, some time they have things in them and are reduced as its past the season ie Christmas but if the basket is lovely I buy. I have even done baby gifts up in Easter colourful tubs that don't have Easter on them but were lovely colours and were sold off for 50p . So yes mainly those two stores but look when out and about. Hazel X

  3. Looks great Karen.
    Re my craft room, I treated myself to two large book shelves when we decorated afew years ago and they are behind my chair, so I only have to swivel round to grab what I need, perfect, xxx

  4. Looks great Karen.
    Re my craft room, I treated myself to two large book shelves when we decorated afew years ago and they are behind my chair, so I only have to swivel round to grab what I need, perfect, xxx

  5. Karen great to hear your daughter is on route home, it must have been such a worry but at least she is safe.
    I love your card and a great idea, loving the metallic background too.

    Hugs Erika. x

  6. Hi the card and the EF. Fantastic news Charlotte on her way back and by now she hopefully have been in contact that she is home and safe.
    hugs Maria xx

  7. Hi Karen
    Good to know that Charlotte was on her way and has hopefully now arrived.
    I love the card and the amazing embossing. What a shame he wasn't born on a cheerier day lol! Mind you, I will have to work hard for a living so that's not good either hahaha!
    Best wishes.
    Ang x

  8. Hi Karen by now your daughter will be home so I hope it is all smiles instead of tears now. I hope your colleague liked his card I think it is so cleverly created. Best wishes Jackie x

  9. Hi Karen,
    what a brilliant card, and very lovely design too.
    Love that image, and the the colours used as well.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.