Thursday, 30 April 2015

More Quilted

Hello All

Thank you for your comments. I am so grateful. I feel quite humbled that you take the time to pop by, especially when I see all of your creations.

Today's offering was an experiment with Sue Wilson's Quilted Striplet. But take it as an experiment which wasn't worth the hassle!
I thought I'd end up with a fantastic piece of patchwork. But to be fair, all I ended up with is that is the only difference to Tuesday's post is a centre cut out piece. Everything else remained the same. It was tough trying to use the die horizontally, it was quite tough trying to get it through the GC. Plus of course, when I tried to add "width" to the piece I couldn't pass the card through the machine. I'd need an A3 machine to accommodate it all.

Glad I tried it, but I will leave it to how John made his and/or A5 type sizes

So, there you go, I still love this Striplet and will use it loads. I am enjoying visiting Sue's blog and seeing the latest release. I like the Perfect Peonie, Dandilions, Lattice Striplet and Canadian background so far! Joanna Sheen here is offering them all at a similar price to icon for a limited period

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Quilted Striplet

Good afternoon everyone

I hope that you are all well and for those that aren't feeling too good , that you're on the mend
Thank you for taking the time to visit. I really appreciate you stopping by and/or leaving a comment

Today's card is made with a purchase from Ally Pally. My new favourite Striplet. I can't stop buzzing with ideas on how to use it, change it. I was inspired by John's post on 31st March See Here

The 2nd die in the Herald Square set mimics the middle square of the Striplet. 
I love how each square of the Striplet fits back into the cut when you rotate it by 90 degrees without too much bother or measuring. 
So, I'm going to play with ideas like re-sit the middle square to get a cross shape. Start with the cross shape and add to it, by inserting at the original angle and get more of patchwork shape. I'll try and cut some for Thursday's post to show you what I mean.

8x8 inch card blank
WHS pastel card - bought that as a cheap option of card when I first started crafting
C&C white card
Sue Wilson Quilted Striplet
Sue Wilson NY collection - Herald Square
Mei Flowers pearls

PS I'm looking forward to seeing Sue's new collection. Saw a quick peek the other day. The only one that really "shines" for me is the Canadian background

Saturday, 25 April 2015

Word Art

Good morning all. What a change in the weather! Very wet and so, so cold here!

Thank you again for your lovely comments. Simple and flat cards, that's me. Describes me/my shape too lol!

Today's offerings are gifts I made for my daughter using text in serif - no digikit was harmed in the making of these
My daughter and her friends chose word s that described the recipient. It was made for her 30th birthday. Her living room is decorated black and grey with a "pop" of red.  So I was under strict instructions. I don't have an A3 printer. So I had it printed at work.

Whoops! I lied. This one does have letters from a digikit - Nursery Rhyme - sorry!
My daughter asked me to make this one as part of a Christening gift. Dad is French and mum is English. 
Daughter also insisted on adding photographs but I wish I'd seen Mrs Duck's frames she'd done - a series of three and had used the Becka Feakin Filigree Delights die for the recipient to place their own photo in place. See Here
This one is A4 in sizeIt was great fun trying to get the French translation of all of the words we needed to incorporate. For example I did not have a clue what "cheeky monkey" was going to translate to and hope I haven't offended anyone. I lied about the weather too - the sun is popping through! 

Thursday, 23 April 2015

I'm not a pink person!

Hello All, thank you for visiting
Welcome to Lynda, Myra and Jacquie for joining in the dance.
Patricia - I'm finding these Nuvo Crystal drops easier to use but there again they are new pots!
Gail - serif is easy, I love the versatility I can get and I still use bling and stuff
You can probably see from my previous posts I tend to make clean and simple cards and fairly flat ones too for posting. I very rarely use pink. I don't even own any pink clothes! I don't know why particularly but hey ho!

So today's card is me playing with my first love in card making - serif! When I first started card making I began with My Craft Studio cd roms thinking it would be the cheapest option and although I still use MCS, serif is my "go to". But of course as you all well know. That couple of bits and pieces soon accumulate to fill a room. I do a lot of hybrid crafting and for the tag I used SW's Austrian Border set

I'm scheduling this again - appointment in town after work.
Enjoy the rest of your day
See you Saturday

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Stash from Ally Pally

Hello all and thank you for visiting. After my failure with the Weaving dies I thought I'd show you a couple of cards that I have made with some of the other stash I bought at Ally Pally
The first card is made with the buttefly Striplet die by John Lockwood (I know that you all know him/visit his blog but wanted to try adding a link!) Let me know if it works please.
See Here

5x7 card blank
CE John Lockwood Butterfly Striplet stamp
DI Peacock Feathers
Tonic Nuvo Crystal drops Wedgwood Blue
Raspberry Pink
Turquoise pearlescent card from stash
All Occasions Sentiment die

I then had a play with serif and came up with this - I hope you don't mind John, so so inspired by you

I created a template in serif using lots of black circles and did an acetate wrap and placed the butterfly and pear 
l dots on top and the flower is stuck onto the card. It does make the butterfly look as if it's floating
6x6 card blank
Turquoise pearlescent card from stash
pearls as before
SB Les Papillon die
SB D-lite poppy die

I hope you like them, I was really pleased with my first attempts at stamping 

Saturday, 18 April 2015

So pretty but...

I had the SW weaving dies on my wish list for ages. I fell in love with the effects as soon as I saw them. I am disappointed in my ability to use them and can't really afford to keep them and use them once in a blue moon. I don't sell my cards and they seem a waste of money to me. But please don't let me put any of you off. I'm going to sell them. I paid £31 for them but will sell them for £25 + £2.50 p&p. Let me know if any of you are interested Email address at the bottom of this post

1st Attempt - quite pleased but only using the classic

2nd attempt, using the stripes, really fiddly to do with my fat fingers!

3rd attempt, still found it fiddly and quite time consuming

Last attempt, there are crease marks, gaps where there shouldn't be, the re-positionable glue kept lifting

So, I tried. I've satisfied my curiosity. I follwed Sue's instructions and watched her do the weave at AP, but they're not for me and I might as well try and recoup some of the money. If I don't get any takers on here they will be going on ebay next week sometime

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Flowers for a "stitcher"

Hello, and thank you for popping by. I do appreciate it. This is the first time I've scheduled a post. I'm out with OH, MIL and SIL for lunch.

So a real quickie, I have a friend who is a dressmaker. She also does lots of other craft including the most fantastic cakes. For her birthday I made her this card.

It includes crochet flowers from serif Knitty Gritty digikit, "proper" press studs, Sue Wilson daisies, D-Lite vase and "bling"

Here's her "make" from the school days project, a sewing kit in the shape of a satchell

See you Saturday

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Ally Pally and Me!

Thank you for visiting. I do appreciate it very much and welcome your feedback
A big thank you to John for taking time out of his busy schedule to visit Welcome to the dance
Jacquie - I will have a go at paint splattering!
Mrs D - I will follow your instructions about linking, but there are so many people I want to mention on this page I think Blogger would have exploded

Today's post is one of three scrapbook pages I will do. I keep a journal of days out, holidays etc which stems from meeting up with some girls that we hadn't seen for a few years and none of the four of us could remember when we first met on a holiday that we were on. So I resolved to have a go. 

The boys! I so hate having my photo taken. I look terrible. They were very helpful, informative and extremely kind. The page was done in a rush, but I tried to reflect the booty I bought, a striplet, new scissors, pearls, dazzlers, John's butterfly stamp, Phill's mica/wax/mist etc ( you girls know what I mean!) and include a shot of the lovely stainglassed window I will probably re-jig it before I print it

And the girls! Both beautiful inside and out. Need I say more! 
will definitely do scrapbook page

Finally my booty...!
I missed out on the Shaded Lilac  distress ink!

Saturday, 11 April 2015

Keeping to the Wedding Anniversary theme ...From and oldie to a newbie!

Morning all and thank you for visiting
Wedding Anniversary was lovely, had a nice meal out reminiscing about our day etc. OH loved the card which for a non-card enthusiast was a real compliment. Actually he's my biggest customer needing cards for work colleagues.

Mrs Duck - very spooky re Mr D! and thank you for letting me know re email. I don't go into my account very often. Going there now
Janice - yes, St Albans was where we got married and the latitude, longitude co-ordinates are for St Albans
GailT - I agree, I am very proud of our achievement, even though we've had our moments!

Today's card was made for a friend that needed one for a couple celebrating their first (paper) anniversary and are Dutch. Apparently their theme was pale yellow too

Becca Feakin Filigree Delight die 
Petal pairs punches
Botanical Swirls die for foliage
Pages from an old dictionary

Thursday, 9 April 2015

Wedding Anniversary

Hello All
Thank you for visiting I do appreciate it.
Wendy, Thank you for the crochet blanket link
Jacquie, feet are not sore but the hips and knees are!

Today's card I have made for my husband and was inspired by a card, which I think, I saw on Pinterest

The inside showing the heart shaped "material" from a serif digikit

D-Lite Vines of Passion in Kraft card and shadowed in black.  I found the map in a book amongst my mum's things, of which I'd already got a copy!

That special Touch mask

I know a lot of you are going to AP on Saturday - Enjoy! Leave some stock for me as I'm going on Sunday. Anyone else going Sunday?

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Mum's Birthday card

Four days of dancing! Haven't done that much in a long, long while. From Southend to Hatfield to Palmers Green. 

Today's card is in memory of my lovely mum. She died in 2013 and I miss her so, so much. I keep it all flat, so that I can laminate it. I write her a little letter on the back. She would have been 85 tomorrow

After she died, when clearing her flat, I found a box containing all of the cards I had made for her, birthday,Christmas, Mother's Day, Thank You cards etc.
I chose the image because she was thrilled when she moved closer to me that she gained a separate bedroom and a balcony. Her previous warden controlled place was being demolished and re-built. She had a bed-sit within the complex. That particular council never put single people into warden controlled complexes that had bedrooms! She loved to sit on her balcony and watch the world go by and listen to the birdsong. I also use a new product to "show" her.
Daft I know but it helps.
If anyone is going to AP on Sunday, let me know
Thank you for visiting and I do value your comments and for taking the time to join in the dance. See you Thursday afternoon

PMD cream card
WH Smith pale blue card
serif (free digikit) This Carefree Day
SW Striplet

Saturday, 4 April 2015

Fab Glam Fifties

Morning All 
I hope you are enjoying the Easter break. It means four days of crafting and having the t.v. remote control all to myself as husband is working. I enjoyed my Salsa dancing in Southend last night. I may go to one in Hatfield tonight and Stevenage tomorrow afternoon - that makes me sound like an expert But definitely am not, I just enjoy having a go. The knees and hips suffer a bit but I enjoy it and it's my preferred form of exercise.
Thank you Mrs Duck for note re email but please don't worry too much I know what it's like re starting a new job and working longer hours
Thank you Diane re note on your "stag" Texture paste is on my shopping list for AP

Today's card is from a favourite my craft ladies like 

6x6 card blank
PMD cream card
Llidl red card
Sue Wilson bows (chose this one to reflect the netting on the hat)
My Craft Studio Fab Glam Fifties topper called Karen coincidentally!

As I only make cards for myself and friends I sort of made myself a challenge to not do the same card twice but I do, do variations! There are several images on this cd rom to choose from 

Enjoy the rest of the week end See you Tuesday afternoon

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Paint Sample Charts

Hello everyone
Thank you for popping by and thanks to Jenny L for letting me know re other people's blogs. Michele had mentioned them too. I can't get it to work on my phone. So will have another try whilst I'm here on laptop.
Sandra (Cotswoldcrafter) talked about having a bargain bucket. I mentioned a certain brand of paint beginning with "V" whose colour swatches are separate and are made of card. So below are a few simple samples. They do emboss beautifully Diane 

May leave the greenery off next time or use white. The card blank pale lilac. Sue Wilson Daisies

First one I did. I stupidly used wet glue and in my haste to emboss the card, all the glue squidged out. Next time I must be more patient. Les papillon die

Memory Box can't  remember the name!

Les papillon again!

Tonic Trailing Ivy (I think!)

I hope you like them and see you Saturday. I'm off to catch-up on the other blogs now