Saturday, 15 August 2015

Oldie for Fffriday

Hello Everyone
If' you're visiting for the first time, welcome. If you have the time and can leave a comment, please do. I love to see the feedback - good or bad (hopefully it's all good!) 
I had a little bit of upsetting news yesterday, I got the results of my skin biopsies. I do have urticaria pimentosa. It's something i have to live with, never mind, but it now means I have to be extra careful - no insect bites/stings, no swimming in open water and to stress the fact that I have it if ever I need general anaesthetic. I have to take anti histamine every day and carry an Epipen. Ho hum! as my mum would say (bless her) worse things happen at sea. Have any of you heard that saying?

Today's Oldie for me, inspired by Erika at snappy crafts. I love her Saturday offerings too. they make me smile. This card is based on a Sue Wilson post. I wish I could remember when and link it. Before I discovered foundation card I used a lot of card from C&C and these two cards were made with their topsy turvy card - still do. So I got two for the price of one in a way

The daisies are Sue Wilson's Delicate Daisies, bothe the complete and open

The dress WILL be finished this week end! 
OH off to donate blood this morning and may go an watch our local team in the FA Cup later. So, perfect to have a few hours to myself for "playing" We may go dancing later. Tomorrow afternoon we are going to a tropical themed Salsa party and no my OH will not be donning a mankini BUT I know of somebody that may well appear in one for part of the day!
Enjoy whatever you are up to I have to say the moment we are enjoying some beautiful sunshine


  1. Gorgeous card-I know exactly which Sue Wilson card you mean.

    Sorry to hear about your diagnosis, hope it doesn't cause you too many problems. Yes-i've heard the phrase "worse things happen at sea".

    I'm going to give blood on Monday after work-they usually double check I'm going as I'm O negative so its in demand!


  2. Two beautiful cards Karen, love both of them. A perfect card for a lady!
    Sorry to hear of your health issues, on the bright side at least it is something that you can manage and live with.
    Your salsa party sounds like lots of fun, enjoy!

    Thanks for sharing an oldie with me this weekend, hugs Erika. x

  3. Oh Karen ,I got here after seeing a lot of your fabulous cards and this one
    or two are lovely ! The daisies are very pretty.
    Sorry Karen to hear of the results, you must take care my friend,
    many hugs Maria xxx

  4. Hello Karen,
    I remember this Sue Wilson card but I have to say that I think your second version is beautiful. I love the way you've layered the flowers.
    It's not good that you've been diagnosed with something that I can't pronounce but I hope that it doesn't get in the way of your life.
    Yes, I've heard of the saying "worse things happen at sea".
    Maureen xxx

  5. Morning Karen,
    Beautiful cards my flower, I vaguely remember Sue's version.
    Sorry to hear of your results, take care now.
    Enjoy your Salsa afternoon.
    Love & hugs
    Cheryl xxx

  6. Good morning Karen,
    So sorry to hear your diagnosis. I confess I had to google it as I had not heard of this before but I'm pleased you are not letting it get in the way of your lifestyle and its still party party party! Hope you have a great time today. Did you finish the dress though? Best wishes Jackie x

  7. Hi Karen
    I too remember this card by Sue and your versions are equally as lovely.
    Sorry about your diagnosis. Hope that you are still able to continue your salsa and as for the open water, The Pond is nice and sheltered so you'll still be safe there lol!
    Take care.
    Ang x