Saturday, 8 August 2015

My Oldie for Ffffriday

Hello Everyone
Thank you for visiting. I appreciate your time and if you can leave a comment I value every one. the weather here today is lovely and sunny. I hope it lasts because our daughter has invited the family around tomorrow for a BBQ to admire their new garden! She is coming over today to help me with the infamous dress! This project has turned into a real saga, what with having to change the size, adding length, adding pockets, not doing any dressmaking for about 30 years etc The latest problem being I wanted to add a buttonhole on the back of the pocket to thread the tubing of my insulin pump through (hence wanting pockets in the first place) I placed them on the wrong piece. Not a problem, but it meant unpicking the seam of the pocket and re-stitching. I just have two buttonholes now in each pocket. She's going to help me tweak the sizing and marking the hem - nearly there - Yay! I'm just a bit miffed with myself for getting rid of a beautiful dressmakers dummy thinking I'd never go back to dress making. If it's good enough when finished I may post a photo...
Thank you Hazel for the note about your beer cake - off to visit now

Today's oldie, inspired to post by Erika See here
A friend was giving an iPad (Family group present for a milestone birthday) and wanted an appropriate card.. I found an image on the internet of an iPad screen on the internet. I used matting basics rectangles to create a black frame which I backed with acetate. The envelope was made using a sample of black wallpaper that looked like leather

Enjoy the rest of your weekend. I haven't got anything planned for today - just dressmaking I think. OH is on a late shift so it does mean that I am in charge of the tv remote!


  1. Karen, what a clever idea, and so different. I bet she loved it. Oh I feel for you and dressmaking again! I have done any for so long, but it's the silly little things like putting the button hole on the wrong piece that's the pain . Hazel x

  2. Wow-fantastic card! Perfect for the recipient. Good luck with the dressmaking.


  3. Wow I thought that was an ipad before I started reading, what a super card Karen.
    So realistic.
    I hope you are going to share a picture of your dress when you've finished it, it sounds wonderful. I always wish I'd done more dress making, guess it's something else to add to the wish list!

    Thanks for joining me sharing an oldie this weekend, have a great BBQ,
    hugs Erika. x

  4. I thought like Erika, looks great, xxxx

  5. Hi Ken,
    I too thought it was a real ipad.
    what a very great and superb card.
    Your crafting skills are amazing.
    Have a wonderful Sunday.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  6. Hi Karen,
    sorry that should have been Karen not Ken so sorry to have changed your sex. LoL.

  7. Hi Karen, Only just got to yesterday's post so I hope you are now on your way to the BBQ wearing your new dress!! I feel for you. When I was younger I made all my own clothes but haven't done anything for about 40 years. Keep thinking I will get back into it as I can never find anything that fits all my lumps and bumps and I can't seem to lose weight!! best wishes Jackie xx

  8. Fabulous Karen, looks like the real thing lol!

    Love & Hugs

    jacquie J xxx