Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Card using scraps...

Hello All
Thank you, once again for your kind comments. I hope you will try the furniture wax technique. It is certainly a nice way to use those pots of mica, which I must admit sit on my shelf and don't get used very often.
I had a great week end. The dancing on Saturday was.... shall I say.... different. It was advertised as "Three Voices from Los Van Van" Seemingly two of them couldn't get visas! So we got a bit of a refund. 
The train journey home was different too. We arrived at Kings Cross station to find that it didn't open until 5.30am. Our train was due to leave at 5.35am. We went back to St Pancras and found a bench to have a snooze. We could have had a coffee in Starbucks but found that all of the tables were occupied by people fast asleep! It was hilarious to see. We raced to Kings cross when it opened but couldn't see which platform it was leaving from, so went to the usual one. There was a train on the platform (ours) so we legged it. Got to the train as the doors were closing. I hit the "open" button but no luck and it pulled away. So, waited until 6.00am for a train home! it was an experience to say the least but I can't see me doing it again in a hurry
Today's card is another simple one and I took inspiration from a lady that sent Sandra from Cotswold Crafters a card. see here Thank you Saba. 
I had a small piece of card left over from a sheet of a Llidl card pack. The bird being a topper and I cut some daisies from the small pieces that were left to create a background. 

6x4 card blank
Supersmooth white card
Llidl card stock
Sue Wilson Complete Daisies
Nuvo Crystal Pearl drops - pink


  1. Hi Karen,
    what a lovely card.
    I love that super bird, and your background.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  2. Good job you can smile about the weekend!! Today's card is lovely.


  3. Ooh Karen,
    I love the colours and the card. Last time we got a train from King's Cross, all trains were delayed due to overhead line trouble. We should have left at 7.30 p.m. but it was 11 pm when we got away - never again!!! xxx

  4. Oh Karen I feel exhausted after reading what you have been up to at the weekend, so pleased you enjoyed yourself.
    Your card is so very lovely and sweet, I do agree you can learn such a lot from all our friends who visit Sandra's Cotswold Crafter blog, and if you need help someone will always give you a helping hand.
    Have a restful week to re-charge your batteries!
    Margaret xxx

  5. Oh Karen, what a nightmare and they wonder why folk don't use the train s as much these days. Love your card. Hazel x

  6. Hi Karen
    Superb card. So lovely and the bird is fab.
    You dirty stop out lol! So, did you get Los, Van or the other Van lol! It's like getting only one of the 3 Degrees lol!
    I love St Pancras. Fab architecture.
    Have a great weekend.
    Ang x