Saturday, 16 May 2015

Happy Birthday Husband

Hello Everyone

Thank you for popping by. I do appreciate you visiting and I value everyone's feedback because you are all such talented folk. I may be off the radar this weekend and hope this scheduled post works.

Today's cards are my husband's birthday card and my SIL's whose birthday is tomorrow.
His favourite tipple is Guinness I created this all on serif - no digikit by creating the glass from a rectangle that I "squished" and duplicated colouring one white and one black. I cropped the black one to become the "drink" and the white to become the "foam". I turned it to "glass. I added the "bubbles" and "stamped" them. Next time I'd make them grey. I have an old Patsy May foil-it machine and so was able to foil the word Guinness. I "drew" a couple of lines. I found the chemical formula for beer and re-created it with serif (this is why I love serif!) I had intended to make the total card smaller than my SIL's but as we are all celebrating together I didn't want him moaning!

My SIL's card is using a serif digikit - Aviary English Garden. She loves her garden and has several bird feeders in the trees and a bird table. I decoupaged the blue tit (steady Ang!) and used the largest and smallest dies in the SW Noble Squares. I added some leaves from SB Small leaf set and a tiny bit of glitter on the "flowers/blossom" My base is the Falling Leaves embossing folder inked around the edge with a bit of Bundled sage DI. 

Enjoy your weekend



  1. Very clever idea on first card and a gorgeous bird card too, xxx

  2. Hope you are enjoying your weekend Karen and that the recipient's love their cards, mini masterpieces both,such ingenuity. Best wishes Jackie xx

  3. Hi Karen,
    Brilliant idea for hubby's card, and SIL card is very pretty. Have a great time at the celebrations.
    Maureen x

  4. Two great cards escape the one for Hubby. My other half loves Guinness so this could be perfect for his birthday although by November I'll probably have forgotten about this great idea.


  5. Hi Karen great cards I love the idea for the first card and then the second card is gorgeous and the image is wonderful.
    Debs xx
    {Debs Cards}

  6. Wow Karen two great cards and particularly love the OH's - I must confess when you are describing how you made it you may as well be talking Latin to me!!! Love how you have added the chemical formula too - ingenious xx GailT xx

  7. Hi Karen just discovered your blog wow your cards are super, really beautiful,
    I see from Sandra's blog you are asking how to find Tina Eldridges blog it is I hope this will help you.
    Margaret corgi owner xx

  8. Hi Karen
    Well, I've half a mind (steady!) to report you to the RSPCA for decoupaging a blue tit. You'll be gilding a pigeon next lol!
    Love the birdie but have to say the first card is pure genius (Guinness pun totally intended hahaha!)
    Must see if I can find a formula for Carlsberg for Mr D.
    Best wishes.
    Ang x