Saturday, 23 April 2016

Oldie for FFffriday - even though it's Saturday!

Morning all. I hope you are well. Welcome to my new follower CARA. Thank you for popping in. My oldie inspired by Erika at Snappycrafts.  It is of a cake I made for a work colleague's birthday. I think most offices where a group of women work the topic of conversation on most days is food/dieting/cookery programmes and family, probably in that order too! It must have been one of the first cakes I ever made because it doesn't look as "refined" as my later efforts. I must have made it over 30 years ago! Yes, I added up all of the calories in the chocolate/icing/cake ingredients I used and it was probably only a loaf tin in size. I mean it wasn't a huge cake! Enjoy your week end. Next time I post I hope to have some very exciting news


  1. This looks amazing Karen.
    Keeping fingers crossed for you re babs, xxx

  2. Hi Karen this is a fantastic cake I bet it was well appreciated at the time. I hope all goes well with the new baby. Take care. Hugs Jackie

  3. Hi Karen, what are you doing to me ? waiting for the little one and now you showing me a CAKE ! don't think my BP can take much more :-) Hope everything goes well and give Charlotte a hug. Big hug to you too ,Maria xxx

  4. Hi Karen, Your cake looks amazing and very yummy. I've not made a cake now for over twenty years and I love cake! Barb xx

  5. What a fun cake! I love the tape measure around all those yummies!

  6. Oooh Karen my kind of cake, chocolate!
    Love it. Thanks for joining me sharing an oldie this weekend. Hope you are having a good one?

    Hugs Erika. X

  7. Thank you for the warm welcome.i love the humour of this cake and the effort of adding up all the calories which was nowhere near as easy to do in those days. I remember Mum buying books of calories and having to guesstimate if the brand wasn't in there. Cara x

  8. Eh up Karen
    I'm not a chocaholic but this looks mighty tasty and Mr D would devour it without it touching the sides lol!
    I await your next post with bated breath.
    Best wishes.
    Ang x