Saturday, 2 April 2016

Oldie for Fffffriday

Hello Everyone
We have beautiful sunshine at the moment. I hope it lasts and OH is off today. I'm hoping to go shopping. We are toying with buying a new tele. I am such a TV addict that I have worn the current one out. Is it worth getting it repaired or cut our losses and get a new one with a 5 year warranty...?
Anyway, as most of you know I try and post an oldie as inspired by Erika at Snappycrafts. I always post on Saturdays as I don't do a Friday post. I love her posts on Saturday. They really make me smile.
As it's so sunny I thought I'd post a photo of one of the cakes I used to make. When my kids were little (30 odd years ago) I could not afford to buy shop made cakes and they weren't readily available on supermarket shelves like they are now . I am slowly (when laptop behaves!) scanning my photos. It was inspired by Jane Asher. I own her Novelty Cakes book and one on Fancy Dress.
Everything on the cake is edible and the cake was a rich, matured fruit cake, covered in marzipan first. It is a little rough and ready by today's standards, back then I didn't have access to the beautiful cutters etc and had to compromise a lot! I made several of this style for friends as Birthday cakes, Retirement, Anniversary. I used sit in front of the tele and mould/create the flowers. Little fingers would be out of the way. I'd hide them in the garage to dry.
Enjoy your week end.


  1. This looks amazing Karen, I thought it was a real bunch of flowers, xxx

  2. Wow Karen that cake is amazing, the flowers are beautiful.
    Thanks for joining me in sharing an oldie this weekend and enjoy your shopping.

    Hugs Erika. x

  3. Karen Hoping to be at Ally Pally both days so introduce yourself, will probably be on CE stand. xxx

  4. Hi Karen
    Wow! Absolutely stunning! I've done a few novelty cakes but pre-digital camera.
    This is a beauty.
    Best wishes.
    Ang x

  5. Hi Karen this is amazing it looks so real. Take care. Hugs Jackie

  6. Gorgeous cake! I would never have guess it was a cake!

  7. Hi Karen,
    oh my word this is so wonderful.
    Those flowers are very beautiful, and amazing.
    You are a very clever lady.
    This is a great Oldie.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  8. Well Karen all I can say is who needs fancy dies and cutters when you can make decorations like this. Beautiful bouquet. Best wishes Jackie x

  9. Stunning cake, a work of art. Gosh, we had a Jane Asher cake book too, it had a woman in a bath and a cake covered in naked ladies made out of fondant in it. I'd forgotten all about it! Thanks for the memory, Cara x