Thursday, 28 April 2016

Meet my grandson!

Finally I've had a chance to post that my beautiful grandson has arrived safe and sound. He is gorgeous. My heart is bursting with pride. I cannot describe this feeling of utter joy and wonderment. After being 13 days late, my daughter had a very short labour. A perfect birth but she had a couple of problems afterwards due to the speed of his arrival. They were discharged from hospital yesterday evening. He was being lazy at feeding but is getting better!
So, I am proud to announce the safe arrival of Oscar, born 6.03am, Monday 25th April, weighing 7lb 6ozs. The same day of the week as my son and the same weight as my son - how spooky is that


  1. Congratulations to you and your family he is so cute. Love and hugs to everyone. Jackie

  2. Congratulations Granny! Oscar is a beautiful little baby. Think of all those wonderful memories you have ahead. Glad to hear all are well. Hugs, Barbxx

  3. Congratulations! He's gorgeous. Cara x

  4. Welcome to the World little Oscar!
    Your family's World is going to be better for having you in it.
    Congratulations Karen......he's a cutie.
    Best wishes.
    Ang x

  5. Congratulations!! What a sweet baby boy!

  6. Congrats KAren, he is gorgeous, xxxx

  7. Hi Karen,
    congratulations on becoming a Grandma, and congratulations to the proud parents too.
    Isn't he so gorgeous.
    Wait till you have your first Great Grand Child it gets even better.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  8. Congratulations Karen to you all. Yes your heart will be filled with pride and joy! It's one of the greatest feeling when you hold your grandchild for the first time. Yes spooky about his arrival time and the day. Enjoy spoiling him. Hazel X

  9. He is adorable. Congratulations x

  10. Go away for a few days and with so much bad news this week it is so nice to hear some lovely news. Congratulations to you all. So are you granny, nanny, grandma or a family name? Best wishes Jackie x

  11. CONGRATULATIONS to everyone.
    Aww!! Oscar is absolutely beautiful, yes!! you will be busting with pride. It's a wonderful feeling when you see that little miracle.
    Enjoy every minute, they grow up so quickly
    Hugs all round
    Patricia x

  12. Wow congratulations Nanny Karen!
    What a wee cutie too. I can't believe Oscar has arrived already it doesn't seem that long since you announced your daughter was pregnant, I bet she wouldn't agree though.
    Exciting times for you all, good to hear all went well with the birth too, I'm sure once he is hungry he will start feeding well and then they'll be no stopping him.

    Enjoy, hugs Erika. x