Saturday, 16 April 2016

My oldie for FFrriday

Thank you for popping in. If you have time to leave a comment - I appreciate it. My oldie is another cake and is hosted by Erika at Snappycrafts. I haven't shown it on my blog before, but it must be least thirty years old- not the cake Mrs Duck! but when the cake was made and eaten.
I was asked to make a fruit cake for our local Hospital Fete. I can't remember if it was for a raffle or "guess the weight" compo. The idea was in one of Jane Asher's books - Party Cakes. I still have the book and was first published in 1982.
I hope you like it. It raised a smile and some money for a good cause. PS "he" is supposed to have a thermometer in "his" mouth, not a cigarette. Saying that, at the time patients and staff were allowed to smoke on the wards. It is a scanned photo, so the quality isn't the best. My laptop is playing up, so I may be absent for my next post (Thu) I need to get my techie mate to look at it. It won't scan and sometimes won't recognise new photos on my camera. We're off shopping later and may have time to drop off a load of wool/yarn to our local Wot-Ever Scrapstore  Occasionally I will go and take a look at their stuff. Recently I bought (because I'm not a member) some Do-Craft chalks and a pack of lilac card blanks for about £3. Have a great week end what ever you're up to


  1. Hi Karen this is amazing. How times have changed with smoking. Have a great weekend. Hugs Jackie

  2. Hi Karen
    What are you incinerating lol?
    Mind you, if it was a fruit cake, it may still be edible after 30 years (I'd chance it lol!)
    Great fun cake!
    Ang x

    Ps......any sign of Minilotty yet? You must jump every time the phone rings!

  3. Karen I did leave a response via my phone but it must not have worked. Loving your cake the bed is amazing, how on earth did you do the bed ends, they look so delicate. A super job, I'm sure it went down a storm raising money for your hospital fete.
    I had to google Wot-ever Scrapstore, not heard of them up here, it sounds like a fun place to pop in for a mooch.
    Enjoy your weekend and thanks for joining me in sharing an oldie this weekend, hugs Erika. x

  4. Awesome cake and what a great "weigh" to make money for a good cause!!

  5. Brilliant cake, I think your cakes is better than the one in the book! Cara x

  6. Hi Karen,
    what a very super Oldie, and you have made an excellent job of that cake.
    Yes everyone is right those were the days when everyone smoked everywhere.
    I am a non smoker, and used to have lots of trouble with hurting my eyes in those days when in pubs or such things.
    Getting back to your cake it takes me back many years to when my Dad made a green telephone shape cake, and that was long before you got the shape cakes you do now.
    I also remember making a tank cake with my sister, and we thought it came out great till one boy at her sons party said what's that supposed to be.
    We had spent all day making it the previous day so we were not amused, and felt like throwing him out of the party, but kept our cool. LOL.
    Have a very lovely weekend.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  7. What a lovely cake and well done raising money for your local hospital.