Saturday, 15 April 2017

I'm taking a break

I just want to say a huge thank you for visiting my little blog. Although I haven't been blogging for very long I am finding it difficult to keep up - I don't know how you ladies do it. I have got to the point where I feel that I am not "creating" but are being inspired by/copying other people's work (if you see what I mean) and sort of make similar cards to theirs.I really struggle to come up with new ideas.
I have so many long term projects that I would like to do, for example, I still haven't sorted through my late mother's things and want to make a box frame with a favourite photo of mine and some of her jewellery. I have several photo books I'd like to do. I used to keep a photo diary of days out and want to bring that up to date.
I may be back blogging later in the year but ffor now here are a few photos of my most recent makes. I will carry on visiting as many of your blogs as time, internet and laptops permitting
Take care everyone and thank you again


  1. Hi Karen all your makes are gorgeous. I love visiting your blog I do hope you come back after your little break. Have a great Easter. Take care. Hugs Jackie

  2. Hi Karen I've enjoyed my visits to your blog but I can quite understand how it can take up time which is so precious to us all nowadays in this fast paced life we all lead. Have a lovely summer and I hope you get some of your projects done. Until we meet again my very best wishes to you and your family Jackie xx

  3. Take care Karen, some lovely makes there too, xx

  4. Hi Karen
    Sad to see you'll be missing for a while. Please don't forget to come back and update us on the dancing and little Oscar.
    Enjoy your break.
    Best wishes.
    Ang x

  5. Hi Karen,
    will miss your blog and fantastic cards. So sorry not popping in more often and leave you a comment, promise to do better when you coming back. I too love to hear about little Oscar, unbelievable he nearly a year old. I so wish to meet him. Take care and happy crafting
    Many hugs Maria xx

  6. Hi Karen,
    so sorry to hear you will be missing for a while.
    I understand how things you want to do must of course come first.
    After all this is supposed to be for fun I'm sure.
    Good luck with your prjects that you want to do, and I look forward to your return.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.