Saturday, 12 December 2015

Oldie for FFriday

Hello Everyone
I am still chasing my tail and still making Christmas cards! I have just finished making a box for my daughter to use to hold a necklace she has bought. It is a simple basic 10cm x 10cm one. I will take a photo and post it at some point. The light is so dismal here that I'd struggle to take a half decent one. The shop we were in yesterday had very simple little boxes and wanted to charge £2.50! I said straight away that I'd make one instead. My cost, about 50p if that!
I had a great holiday apart from the lack of organisation. Our organiser kept telling us "but that's Cuba for you" BUT that wasn't always the case, I know because we've been there a few times now. There was 50 of us in our group and somebody coined the phrase "we're rushing to wait" We did have a laugh about it all. Little snippets of the highlights will appear on here.
My oldie for today inspired by Erika at Snappy Crafts. It is a Christmas card I made last year. The image is from My Craft Studio. This cd-rom had a coloured image and a black and white image. So I printed the coloured onto white card and the black and white image onto heat resistant acetate. Sent that one through my Patsy May Foil It machine with gold foil and just layered it over the top of the coloured one. I really must use that machine more often.
I have really exciting news to tell you all and I have been bursting to mention it. But my daughter was/is being very cautious for very personal reasons 
SHE IS APPROXIMATELY 22 WEEKS PREGNANT! To say I'm excited is an understatement. This is will be our first grandchild and I cannot wait
 Have a great week end everyone. I have nagged husband to take me Christmas shopping tomorrow.


  1. Hi Karen this is an amazing card. Congratulations that is brilliant news no wonder you were bursting to tell us. Have a great weekend. Hugs Jackie

  2. Hi Karen just love what you have done here and your chocolate wrapper is so clever. Congratulations to your daughter on her news. How does your hubby feel about being old enough to be a grandad though!! Best wishes Jackie x

  3. Congrats Karen, is this the first?
    Lovely card too, xxx

  4. Hi Karen
    Glad you can spill your joyful beans as you must have been ready to pop!
    Congratulations to you all.
    Fantastic card too. Love the foiling..
    Ang x

  5. Oh congratulations on the good news, bet you can't wait?
    I love your Christmas trees, the colours are fab.
    Your holiday sounds as if it was fun too, can't wait to see the photos (if you are sharing?)
    Thanks for sharing an oldie with me this weekend.
    Hope you are having a good weekend, hugs Erika. x

  6. Hello Karen,
    Love the card, but enough of that, let's get on to the important information. Congratulations, how exciting.
    Enjoy the anticipation and I hope that your daughter keeps well.
    love Maureen xx