Thursday, 17 December 2015

A simple/easy box

Hello Everyone. Thank you for lovely comments on my oldie I am so sorry I did not post anything on Tuesday, I came home from work feeling shattered, I fell asleep on the sofa! It was then time to get the evening meal ready. Too late to post after clearing away etc.
Anyway,I fell over on Monday. I slipped on some wet leaves and ended up on my backside. I stupidly, or subconsciously, put out my hand that wasn't holding a cup of coffee, and managed to cut the heel of my hand. The coffee stayed in my hand (hooray!) but spilled a little. In my embarrassment and once I was standing again, I threw the cup of coffee in temper, for it to then splash all over my lovely Alexander McQueen shopping bag. I was not a happy bunny by the time I got to the office. So, Tuesday was not a good day for me as I ached from the tumble. Next time I think I will add more alcohol to the coffee!
Today's offering is the small box I made for the gift my daughter had bought. The photo is not brilliant. I tried hard not to get me or the camera reflected off the lid. Using my Hougie board I cut a piece of gold mirri 14x14cm and scored each edge at 2cm. I cut a piece of white card 16x16cm and on two adjacent edges trimmed a slither of card off. I scored at 3cm on each edge. I decorated the top with a very simple die cut in gold mirri which was a freebie from a magazine. I decided to offset it for ease. I decided I couldn't work out where the centre of the lid was. I think you all, already know how to make simple boxes - I'm a bit of a newbie to box making, so this will be a bit of a reference point for me. I was thrilled with the result and need to make a couple more now (I've at long last managed to get husband a small gift and need to disguise it).
Had Salsa Monday night and last night. I have a another Salsa night tomorrow (Friday). Craft club tonight. Nails done on Saturday. So busy,busy busy! Have fun whatever you are up to


  1. It looks very professional. Beautiful. xxx

  2. Hi Karen this is a fantastic box. It is so hard to photograph mirri card. Hugs Jackie

  3. Oh! Karen, not a good couple of days!!
    However your box is brilliant, love it.
    Have great weekend
    Patricia X

  4. hi Karen, now you have started boxes you will wonder why you didn't do them before. they really add a finishing touch if you have a small present. Good job it was only your hand and your temper that were hurt. Too many folk end up with broken hips on wet leaves so you must have bounced quite well!! At least you are still dancing and enjoying life. In case you don't post again this week I hope you and the family all have an enjoyable Christmas. Thank you for the posts you have done, they always make such enjoyable reading. My best wishes for 2016. Jackie x

  5. I think I'm as tired as you are Karen. This time of year just does it to us.
    I love your box, it looks very classy in the gold and just perfect for the festive season.
    Enjoy your salsa.

    Hugs Erika. x

  6. Hi Karen
    Great box. Very glam in the gold mirror card. Wouldn't be without my Hougie.
    Hope you're feeling better after your tumble.
    Ang x