Tuesday, 7 July 2015

This card probably won't ever get used....

... but I will do a copy!
Thank you everyone for your kind comments and yes, she was an amazing person. 
I am scheduling this (hopefully) as I have an appointment tomorrow afternoon. Thank you for popping in and welcome to any newbies

Today's card was a disaster from start to finish!
Firstly, the stamping of John Lockwood's stamp wasn't perfect, I'd forgotten to dust the card with an anti-static bag. So there's bits of embossing powder in places where there shouldn't be.  There were gaps too  (my fault), circular sentiments needed to hide those mistakes.
I wanted to use CS pva pearl dots on some of the circles. I opened the white and the nozzle was stuck in the lid. Most of the pva ended up on my black trousers! I cleaned it all up, and proceeded to do the dots. Job done I thought, and then noticed that there were a couple of spaces that I'd missed. I carefully took the lid off the white pot again for it to happen once more, this time a large blob landed on the card. I tried to scrape it off carefully, but the fibres of the card started to break. I was a bit angry by now and was prepared to throw it in the bin. But, I decided to spray the rest of the card base with water and rub gently to break the fibres and therefore create a uniform looking card base. It sort of worked!  Hey ho, it's only a piece of card

John Lockwood - Butterfly Striplet stamp
Archival ink black
EK Success Circle cutter
Sue Wilson - Striplet outside edge die
CE - pva glue - black and white
Black cards tock from stash
Sue Wilson - NY Collection - Times Square 


  1. Well Karen I think your card looks fab and if you hadn't have told us all the fun and games you have had we wouldn't have guessed. I'll let you into a secret I never, ever use an anti static wipe when embossing, I just tap and go, maybe even give a light brush where I can see the powder sticking. It can also be lifted carefully after with a scalpel blade!
    Great stamp, love the image and super layering.
    Sometimes you just have an crafting off day! I find the best thing is to go and do something else and come back later, things then never seem as bad as you thought and it is amazing what you can overcome and adapt and you have proven.

    Happy crafting!
    May your next card be less stressful.
    Hugs Erika. x

  2. I think it looks good Karen. cxxxxx

  3. Hi Karen,
    oh this is gorgeous, and I would have never known about the mistakes, had you not mentioned it, as it doesn't show one bit.
    Love that fab stamp of John's, and your fab creation with it.
    A true crafts person can always hide their little mistakes, and you have done this excellently.
    I once wanted to use the gold PVA dots, and mine were getting quite old, as I had bought them when they first came out.
    Well disaster struck, and they were very watery, and wouldn't blob so I brushed on the side of the card , and it gave it a lovely gold edge to the card, and it looked lovely, but as you say sometimes disaster strikes quite often on a creation, and that's the time to take a break as Erika said.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  4. Oh! Karen!! after all your escapades with everything I think you have created a brilliant card. Funny how you get these off days. Mind you yours doesn't seem as bad as some I get, you still got a great card at the end of it. More than I can say many a time!!!
    Patricia x

  5. Karen, disasters or not, your cards is lovely, and if I hadn't read what went wrong you wouldn't know. Hazel x

  6. I think we tend to be too critical of our work, (and too honest)
    Your card is lovely, Karen, and anyone would be delighted to receive it. Stop being so hard on yourself.

  7. Karen this is lovely even after all your trials and tribulations, please don't be too hard on yourself.
    Margaret xxx

  8. You would never know that there was anything wrong with this card-it looks perfect to me!


  9. I Karen what a classy card I love black and white cards.
    And your design is wonderful.
    Debs xxx
    {Debs Cards}

  10. Hi Karen well like everyone else I think this is a super card and wouldn't know any different if you hadn't told us. I rarely do stamping and embossing but did buy one of John's striplet's. What I have got though is a battery operated eraser so I can get rid of any embossing in places where it shouldn't be! I got it at a show but can't remember the brand name. It's a super little gadget though. Best wishes Jackie x

  11. Karen I think the design is lovely - it looks perfect in the picture but you are obviously seeing it at first hand - maybe you feel underwhelmed with it because of all the mishaps while making it, maybe you need to put it away and then go back to it in a few weeks and see if you still feel the same!! I am a devil for forgetting to use the anti- stat bag when embossing too xx love the circle sentiments too xx GailT xx

  12. Hi Karen
    I still can't see any "bits" even though you said what happened. It looks smashing to me.
    Don't get me started on them PVAs. My black one blobbed over a card yesterday and my friends 10 year old daughter bought one when I took her to see John demoing, which did the same as yours but all over her expensive rug. I open mine with caution now lol!
    Best wishes.
    Ang x