Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Happy Birthday son

Hello Everyone
Thank you for popping in and if you have the time to leave a comment, again, thank you. I appreciate all of your feedback.
Today's card is posted with great sadness. Today should have been my son's 35th birthday. He died just over 6 years ago. he became too ill to be considered for a heart transplant. I still make him a birthday card. I keep it flat and laminate it, so that we can place it on his grave. My OH writes beautiful poetry (for all occasions) and this is his one for this year. It just goes to show how popular my son is, we are meeting some of his friends and work colleagues (and obviously some family) for lunch. My cards always revolve around ring-tailed lemurs or as in this case beer! Sadly I had already laminated the card before I photographed it. It doesn't quite catch the gold foiling of the word "BEER" on it

The poem

Gary, we miss you very much
Each day you are on our mind
Little things remind us
of a man who was so kind
Another birthday, without you here
We send our love to you
No doubt we will shed a tear
But will celebrate it too
Your life was far too short
But you filled our hearts with joy
Gary, you are so special
Our precious little boy

See you Thursday


  1. Oh Karen today is my sons birthday too, he is still with us. I really do feel for you as next week would have been my Grandsons birthday too so I know how much you must miss him. Lovely gesture making a card and taking it to the grave, xxxx

  2. Hi Karen
    My sister does the same for my late niece and why not. Gary will always be part of your family forever.
    Take care.
    Ang x

  3. Hi Karen,
    none of us expect to out live our children so to have your son go before you must be so very sad.
    My heart goes out to you, for your loss.
    I lost my first husband at the age of 37, and I always remember my mother in law saying it should have been me.
    I am really thankful my children have all passed the age of their fathers death, but still worry as he came from a family with lot of Cancer deaths.
    Just hope they got more of my genes.
    Love your wonderful poem, and the card you always make to celebrate his life.
    He sure will always live on in your memory, and never grow old.
    Love and big hugs from my house to yours.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  4. Karen, sorry I missed this yesterday. What a lovely way to deal with such a sad day. Yes he has gone from this world, but he will always be with you all, each day you carry your memories in your heart. Love your card and your husband poem is beautiful. (((((( hugs)))))) hazel x

  5. Such a sweet tribute to a life cut short! What a lovely idea to place his cards on his grave! Thinking of you!

  6. A beautiful poem and card. My thoughts are with you today, best wishes Jackie x

  7. Karen, a beautiful tribute to you son who sadly left ,way to young.
    Lovely poem written by Alan <3 Take care ,Maria xxx

  8. No words Karen - except to say thinking of you xx GailT xx

  9. Oh Karen,
    I missed this post, but it has really touched my heart. Your husband's poem is wonderful.
    Maureen xxxx

  10. Thinking of you Karen, such a sad loss. I think it is lovely that you still make a card.
    A beautiful poem too.

    Big hugs Erika. x

  11. A wonderful card and beautiful poem for a wonderful son who left you far too soon, there is a reason for everything although we may never know the reason to that one question why?
    With love
    Margaret xxx