Thursday, 9 July 2015

Quick card

Hello Everyone
Thank you for popping in. The stitches come out tomorrow - Yay! But I won't get the results of the biopsies until 15th August! Might even go dancing tomorrow night instead of going to watch.
We're off to a party on Saturday night, which should be fun. daughter and fiance going too and OH will meet us there after work. There'll be some of the Salsa "gang" so lot's more dancing, laughs and drinks!

Today's card was made for a friend's birthday last Sunday. He helps at a Salsa event we go to once a month on a Sunday afternoon. The "boss" ( a great friend of ours) had given him the day off. We won't see him now for another month, so I've doctored it for another time. OH saw on FB that it was his birthday and told me about 30 minutes before we left the house! Men!

The original version
The text was made using Serif. I used a 2 inch square shape and rotated it 45 degrees to ensure the text fitted the box

And now the doctored version

I carefully removed the smallest square I had placed the smallest square on with 3d foam pads and replaced it with the above sentiment. Now, I would have used the small square in the SW Adorned Noble Square dies but I had omitted to remove the box before I printed it, so I used the smallest square in the Card Creator matting Basics B

5x5 card blank
The smaller dies from SW Adorned Noble Squares
Spellbinders Card Creator 6x6 matting basics B
Serif digit kit - Corners Brush and Stamps. Next time will do the bottom repeat at the sides!
Free font - Penelope - I liked the swirlyness of this font. It seemed to fit the pattern on the die 


  1. Fantastic card & I can't believe you only had 30 minutes notice, i'd have panicked & made a mess!


  2. Fantastic Karen, still be careful once your stitches are out. xxx

  3. Great cards Karen and your designs are wonderful.
    Debs xxx
    {Debs Cards}

  4. Hi Karen clean and simple but very striking. Love the font as sell. Enjoying your partying but take care!! Best wishes Jackie x

  5. Hi Karen,
    super creation for the men.
    Lovely design, and wonderful doctoring.
    Have a lovely weekend.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  6. Fab card made in the hoof - hope Andy still gets his lol xx love the font and I really must think about getting a serif product xx hope you are okay after your stitches but go steady don't want the dancers getting hot under the collar for the wrong reasons!! xx GailT xx

  7. Hi Karen
    Oooh, one of my favourite phrases is "can you just knock up one of your cards for so and so!" as if its a 5 minute job!
    Great cards but love the font on the second.
    Good news about the stiches.
    Hope you enjoy your dancing and party.
    Best wishes.
    Ang x