Saturday, 25 April 2015

Word Art

Good morning all. What a change in the weather! Very wet and so, so cold here!

Thank you again for your lovely comments. Simple and flat cards, that's me. Describes me/my shape too lol!

Today's offerings are gifts I made for my daughter using text in serif - no digikit was harmed in the making of these
My daughter and her friends chose word s that described the recipient. It was made for her 30th birthday. Her living room is decorated black and grey with a "pop" of red.  So I was under strict instructions. I don't have an A3 printer. So I had it printed at work.

Whoops! I lied. This one does have letters from a digikit - Nursery Rhyme - sorry!
My daughter asked me to make this one as part of a Christening gift. Dad is French and mum is English. 
Daughter also insisted on adding photographs but I wish I'd seen Mrs Duck's frames she'd done - a series of three and had used the Becka Feakin Filigree Delights die for the recipient to place their own photo in place. See Here
This one is A4 in sizeIt was great fun trying to get the French translation of all of the words we needed to incorporate. For example I did not have a clue what "cheeky monkey" was going to translate to and hope I haven't offended anyone. I lied about the weather too - the sun is popping through! 


  1. Good morning Karen, wet and cold here so send the sun please! What a lovely and unique present idea you have created. They are certainly special. Have a good weekend, best wishes Jackie xx

  2. Hi Karen,
    Love these, no one else will be able to get anything like these. They are certainly a one off. I really like them.
    Maureen xx

  3. Hi Karen,
    oh these are so great.
    wonderful designing and super computer skills too.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  4. They both look delightful. unique. xxx

  5. Brilliant makes, love them both.
    Patricia x

  6. Beautiful gifts-brilliant idea.


  7. Love these Karen, very personal for the recipient. I like using Serif too. I make all my posters and signs at work on it as well.
    Guess you are having a day like me with the weather. Sunny now, but there were flakes of snow this morning and it was freezing cold. Oh well, it is spring in UK

  8. Hi Karen
    Well, its just one fib after another from you today lol!
    I wish I could describe myself as "flat". Take away the l and that may be nearer the mark lol!
    These are both great. Have seen another blogger doing these word art pieces and they are very effective. Thanks for the shout out but your baby gift is a delight.
    Didn't do French so you could have called her a cheeky penguin for what I'd know hahaha!
    Have a great weekend.
    Ang x

  9. Hi Karen,

    These are gorgeous. My daughter made some similar to this at Christmas with festive words and framed it, it looked great, good idea.

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  10. Two fab and & usual projects love them both because they are so personal - we have had a real mix of weather today so I could have been a big fat fibber too as one minute it was gloriously warn and the next I was just like a drowned rat in about 30secs flat - looked like I had just stepped out of the shower fully clothed (thnank heavens for small mercies)!!! xx GailT xx

  11. Both are fab Karen, but the baby one has that extra edge with the French and English words. Weather here turned out lovely too. Hazel x