Saturday, 18 April 2015

So pretty but...

I had the SW weaving dies on my wish list for ages. I fell in love with the effects as soon as I saw them. I am disappointed in my ability to use them and can't really afford to keep them and use them once in a blue moon. I don't sell my cards and they seem a waste of money to me. But please don't let me put any of you off. I'm going to sell them. I paid £31 for them but will sell them for £25 + £2.50 p&p. Let me know if any of you are interested Email address at the bottom of this post

1st Attempt - quite pleased but only using the classic

2nd attempt, using the stripes, really fiddly to do with my fat fingers!

3rd attempt, still found it fiddly and quite time consuming

Last attempt, there are crease marks, gaps where there shouldn't be, the re-positionable glue kept lifting

So, I tried. I've satisfied my curiosity. I follwed Sue's instructions and watched her do the weave at AP, but they're not for me and I might as well try and recoup some of the money. If I don't get any takers on here they will be going on ebay next week sometime


  1. Hi Karen,
    oh I am so sorry you could not get on with these.
    I have only the larger one and haven't tired the smaller one.
    Isn't it a pig when you buy something and can't get on with it.
    I have made quite a few of those mistakes in the past, and I expect most of us have.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  2. What a real shame-I have both dies & have to admit that I've not even tried them yet! Had to have them as soon as they were available-that's what I do all the time. Also got the pierced banners which are also unused so far. As I've mentioned before-i've been using cds more recently as its been quick + easy but I must use my massive collection of dies more.


  3. Hi Karen,
    I had been wondering about getting these as the cards I've seen have looked really gorgeous! Your first attempts look pretty good to me but as you say they are time consuming and if at the end you aren't happy with what you've made then it's worse than frustrating ! I agree with you - you probably won't use them as I'd be exactly the same. I need to enjoy what I'm doing and be satisfied with the results.
    You've helped me rethink anyway! Hope you get a buyer.
    Love Myra xxx

  4. Your weaving looks good, Karen, but then you could do this with cut strips of card, or ribbons. The thin strips do look very fiddly. Must admit that I just dismissed this die.I am getting super picky with my purchases now, but I am sure that someone will love them.

  5. I think they look good Karen and the last two are gorgeous, in two tone,, I,m very tempted and wanted them when I saw John using them on his cards, but I am on anot buy mission, sorry. Maybe if you still have them at the end of the day !!!!!mmmmm

  6. Hi Karen,
    I'm sorry you haven't enjoyed using these dies. I'm like you and don't sell my cards but I must admit I have used Sue's weaving technique from her DVD quite a few times, and did think about getting these, but then decided that I wouldn't use them enough to warrant the expense.
    I do hope you sell them quickly.
    Mauureen x

  7. Hi Karen,sorry you couldn't get on with the weaving die,did you look at the you tube video that Sue demonstrates useing them. I mentioned it when you popped over to my blog & my card I made using them yes a bit fiddly but I love useing them.
    Hug's Lynda xx

  8. Oh this is where being able to borrow and try a die before you buy would be great. I just never liked these dies when I saw them? Hope you manage to sell them? Hazel x

  9. HimKaren, what a shame - I must confess these dies appealed to me but not so much now - although there are so many releases all the time that you can't keep track - I must confess I have quite a lot of stuff that I'm thinking of trying to sell but never used e-bay to sell and only bought a few bits off it so a little dubious but nothing ventured - nothing gained!! enjoy the rest of your weekend xx GailT xx

  10. Hi Karen,

    Such a shame you did not get on with these but I can understand why, I think I would be the same. You creations look fine to me but like you say time consuming. I too have some items still unused as yet so I'm trying to curb my spending but I do hope you find someone who will buy them. All the best.

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  11. hi Karen, sorry you haven't been able to get on with the dies. I have done ribbon and card weaving for years now as it was easy to teach and make a workshop of it as is quite time consuming. So, I didn't even think about buying the dies as it is just as easy to cut strips of card yourself. I hope you are able to sell them and recoup some of your outlay, best wishes Jackie xx

  12. Beautiful makes Karen, sorry the Dies not what you thought? It's horrible when that happens.
    I did it with the Cornflower Die. I love making flowers but that Die just did not do it for me.
    I am sure someone will be delighted with them.
    Patricia x

  13. Hi Karen,
    I think I would agree with you. Too time consuming and fiddly for me to even think about buying them. They didn't do much for me even after watching Sue's video. Very brave of you to attempt it though, full marks girl.
    Love & hugs
    Cheryl xxx

  14. Hi Karen
    I knew I wouldn't get the use out of these as I enjoy ribbon weaving but would cut strips if using card.
    However, did see John do a demo with them Saturday and it did look a wee bit fiddly but he did create a lovely effect.
    Good luck selling them.
    Ang x