Thursday, 30 April 2015

More Quilted

Hello All

Thank you for your comments. I am so grateful. I feel quite humbled that you take the time to pop by, especially when I see all of your creations.

Today's offering was an experiment with Sue Wilson's Quilted Striplet. But take it as an experiment which wasn't worth the hassle!
I thought I'd end up with a fantastic piece of patchwork. But to be fair, all I ended up with is that is the only difference to Tuesday's post is a centre cut out piece. Everything else remained the same. It was tough trying to use the die horizontally, it was quite tough trying to get it through the GC. Plus of course, when I tried to add "width" to the piece I couldn't pass the card through the machine. I'd need an A3 machine to accommodate it all.

Glad I tried it, but I will leave it to how John made his and/or A5 type sizes

So, there you go, I still love this Striplet and will use it loads. I am enjoying visiting Sue's blog and seeing the latest release. I like the Perfect Peonie, Dandilions, Lattice Striplet and Canadian background so far! Joanna Sheen here is offering them all at a similar price to icon for a limited period


  1. Ah Karen, keep trying, you will get there. Looks like you can do so much with that die. Thank you for the info on Sue's dies, I was trying to hold off buying any until Sue had made the draw on her blog...just in case but alas I have now just purchased two Configuration dies from JS web site lol! Could not miss out on the price, cheapest I have seen anywhere as yet!

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  2. Hi Karen thanks for the information on using this die - I have a couple of Striplet dies but not this one but always open to ideas on how to use them xx I'm loving the configuration dies as I think they will be so useful, I do purchase crafty stuff form JS quite regularly as you get a quick delivery and also they don't let you order stuff then find out that some of it is actually out of stock - I have started to find this a little annoying with other companies but then maybe it is an age thing!!! (angry old woman syndrome)!!!!!lol xx GailT xx

  3. That striplet die looks lovely, its not one I've got. Am sure you'll make some beautiful cards with it.


  4. Oh Karen how frustrating for you but as they say it is only a piece of card- plus a lot of time! ! I Had look at JS yesterday as there are one or two which I think I will get though I'm trying not to buy because I have so many dies I don't really use, don't we all!!! I'll have a good look when I get back from mum's later today but the Canadian and the Portuguese are top of my list. Have a good weekend best wishes Jackie xx