Saturday, 14 March 2015

Printed ribbon instructions

Hello again
I'm going to try to post on Saturday mornings, Tuesday afternoons and Thursday afternoons. First I'd like to welcome Jenny L, Jackie Durrant, WendyL, Sue and PharmacyMichele to the dance.  GailT asked for instructions on how I make my washing instructions for my baby garments. Originally I made them to sew into the garment, but tried washing them and of course the ink just washed away! So I stick them onto the garment with a tape pen. So here goes!

Finished result up close and personal - notice that the little boy one even includes the size (needed if Harefield Hospital sell them)

The first thing I do is create the label and print onto copier paper, making sure they fit the width of the ribbon. When I first started paper crafting I used My Craft Studio cdroms a lot. This is from "Young at Heart" part of their 3rd Anniversary collection. I change the colour to suit the gender

I then, using a tape pen, place the ribbon on top to line it all up. MCS used to sell printable ribbon. But it looks like they do not produce it anymore, but Sue Wilson and gang at CE say that their seam binding takes ink so I'm wondering if this can also be printed onto. Ensure that the feeder edge is fully stuck down so that it will pass through the printer rollers

Pass through printer again ensuring that you re-insert the paper the correct way to print on top!

Gently peel away from paper and trim with pinking shears

Sorry it's along post but I am so excited now that I've started a blog. I would encourage everyone to have a go. I am finding it very cathartic.
Have a great week end and see you Tuesday afternoon
Karen x


  1. Your instructions seem very clear. I'm tempted to start a blog but wouldn't knowhow to. Am also concerned I wouldn't be able to put enough projects on ut to make it woth people visiting.


  2. This is a great idea Karen! have a great weekend huggles Sue xx

  3. Hi Karen,
    thank you so much for the very clear instructions.
    I shall remember this for the future.
    Sue Wilson is right the American seam binding does colour wonderfully with inks so maybe it will print on too.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  4. So interesting how you have done your labels, best wishes Jackie xx

  5. Thank you Karen very useful to know these things - enjoying visiting your blog and I know what you mean about being giddy - I still am 12months+ xx thanks for the info it is much appreciated xx GailT xx

  6. Hi Karen
    Very useful for the gals who make clothing.
    Have a great week.
    Ang x

  7. Hi Karen,
    You know you could print messages on the ribbon to add to cards and presents, what a great idea, I've impressed myself (I bet someone thought of it years ago)! Will have to try to work out the instructions and have a go, but I don't hold up much hope.
    Love Maureen xx