Tuesday, 24 March 2015

An oldie inspired by

Hello All and welcome to Patricia. Thank you for joining the dance. I have been madly looking at blogs that PharmacyMichele told me about. You are all very talented ladies

I had a busy week end. I went shopping with my daughter and recycled far too much money!  (I don't spend money I recycle it) I'm a sucker for Sales. I also re-stocked my stash of black card. I can really recommend this A3 cardstock from a certain shop (home, home on the .....). It's a "proper" black in my eyes. I went salsa dancing on Saturday evening. I taught my salsa class on Monday night and work is manic. So I'm pleased to sit down and blog - will probably have a snooze too before I visit my ma-in-law.

Today's card is different to the one I intended to post  I visited debsartliffcards (haven't worked out how to liink a post yet but I will get there). She made a card with an old topper she found. It reminded me that recently I used an old My Craft Studio cdrom after I made the following base, playing with my new NY dies.

I will choose which topper to use when I have a suitable occasion.

A Wedding/Anniversary card...? (I'd re print this to crop out the top white part and the couple will sit higher up slightly)

Best Wishes/Birthday...?

5x5 card blank
Cream PMD card
My Craft Studio - Art Nouveau
Sue Wilson Celtic embossing folder
Sue Wilson NY Collection - Times Square


  1. Hi Karen,
    Love the idea of doing cards and inserting the appropriate topper. I also love the background, I've tried to ascertain whether it's a stamp or embossing folder, anyway it looks great.
    Maureen x

  2. Beautiful cards, love what you have done with the images.
    Patricia x

  3. Lovely card & great idea re topper. What have you used on tbe embossed background-something metallic?


  4. Hi Karen love the bsckground embossing & the die cut frame which would be suitable for amy occasion I have had a blog for over a year now and still don't know how to link a blog on my posts so don't feel despondent and when you find out please share!! lol xx GailT xx

  5. Hi Karen
    I'm playing catch up this week.
    What a great idea to make up a base card, ready to pop on a topper when needed.
    Love the embossing.
    Will sort out some instructions for linking chuck.
    Best wishes.
    Ang x

  6. What a stunning card, I just live the art Deco vibe x