Thursday, 19 March 2015


Hello All

Today's card was made for a crafty friend who wanted one for somebody that is into decoupage, craft, rug making So...

..I googled decoupage for other forms of decoupage other than what us card makers usually recognise. I found some beautiful images of decoupaged furniture and as one of her skills is rug making I went with it! 
I'm late today because I had to attned a training course at work. Don't you just hate it when work gets in the way of important stuff like crafting?.

Just a note to say that Tuesday's card was a hybrid and that the bling was real. Although I have to say that the shadowing tool on serif is brilliant and does produce some fantastic 3D effects

Various "materials" from serif reduced down to approx 2" and therefore can fit several on a page. it also reduces the pattern 
SB Classic Squares large 1 1/2" die
Times Square largest die
Candi from C&C Members gift


  1. Beautiful card & you were lucky to find a great image as inspiration.


  2. Hi Karen,
    This card is perfect for a rug maker and furniture de-coupager (I have no idea if that's a real word but you know what I mean).
    Maureen x

  3. Hi Karen
    Sorry I'm late. At NEC all day yesterday and catching up with bits and bobs today.
    Its great when you can personalise a card whether by name or for the person's hobby.
    I'm sure Laraine was chuffed to receive this. Love the patchwork effect.
    Have a great weekend.
    Ang x

  4. Fab card and lovely that you put so much effort into personalising it - bet the recipient loved it xx GailT xx