Saturday, 27 August 2016


Hopefully I will be getting my laptop at some point over the weekend and I cannot wait! I may curse computers in general at work for crashing, being slow etc it's made me realise how much I rely on a oc for my card making
I am grateful that I have been able yo use my husband's tablet but it or blogger is not allowing me to upload photos today!
Usually on Saturdays I post an oldie inspired by ERIKA from Snappycrafts She invites you to postvan old project whether or not you've posted it before She also foes some brilliant crafty funnies on a Saturday to
See you soon Have a great Bank Holiday weekend x


  1. Hope it all goes well Karen with new laptop. xxx

  2. Hi Karen I hope you get laptop sorted out. Take care. Hugs Jackie

  3. Hi Karen, hope you are well and perhaps now have your laptop?! Like it or not they are such a feature of our lives now. I'm having some peace and quiet and time to do a few things this weekend as no workmen for a couple of days apart from the scaffolders yesterday afternoon to take it all down as the roof on the extension was finished on Thursday. Next week the doors and windows go in and then they break through so more dust and dirt expected!! I hope the inside work will progress quite easily. Living on one room is ok but I would like to spread and get some crafting stuff out!! Have a good weekend, best wishes Jackie xx

  4. Hi Karen
    Hope you got sorted in last couple of days.
    My, don't we rely on technology eh?
    Ang x

    Ps.....Everything should be on my hospital records for the consultant but I'm more than happy to fill the guy in with all the nonsense that's gone on lol! He'll need to see an ear specialist or psychiatrist by the time I'm finished with him lol! x