Saturday, 3 October 2015

Oldie for Frriday

Hello, I've scheduled this, so hopefully it'll work. When this goes "live" I should be being pampered and having my nails done. My daughter and I go together, we have a great laugh, chat and catch-up whilst we have our gels done. Tonight we're off to a surprise 40th birthday party of a Salsa friend. In fact my daughter choreographed their first dance for their wedding. Gosh! that must be about 6 years ago now. I need to finish 2 Silver Wedding cards tomorrow for my SIL, one from OH and me and one for daughter to give. I need to do a couple of birthday cards AND I must make a start on Christmas cards. Sunday, we'll be Salsa dancing and visiting SIL to deliver the cards!
Today's oldie inspired by Erika here  It's the last one of my Christmas presents for my SIL, we're up to Autumn. Have a great week end, whatever you're up to. I love the fact that you've come along to visit and if you can leave a comment I look forward to reading what you say

As I've mentioned before, they were inspired by the late great Jo Verso and most of it matches items in their garden, even down to the fact my BIL wears glasses. I've added the other three again just as a comparison


  1. Wow I think they look fab Karen, xxxx

  2. Hi Karen these are stunning. Enjoy your time with your daughter. Hugs Jackie

  3. Hello Karen,
    I don't know what's happened, I've missed you a few of your posts, but I've gone back to see them and will post on here.
    Your baby cards are so nice, and I love the embossing folder of the baby's feet.
    That;s far too nice a card to have made for Patricia!!!! It's gorgeous.
    And you know I admire and love your cross stitch, I have the perfect place for them!!!
    I hope you :-
    1) enjoyed the party,
    2) get your cards made
    3) enjoy your Salsa
    4) get your cards delivered
    Phew, I'm worn out, never mind you!!!
    Maureen xxx

  4. Hi Karen,
    superb needle work on these wonderful creations.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  5. I love all your Jo Verso cross stitch, I had my book out recently and thought of you.
    Each season is beautiful and I'm sure they'll be treasured.
    Hope you had a good party and enjoyed having your nails done too.
    Hugs Erika. x

  6. Karen ,I love all your cross stitch work ! They are FAB !
    Hope you had a great weekend xxx