Thursday, 8 September 2016

This Sunday - it's that time of year!

Hello Everyone

I'm getting my head around the new laptop, although at some points I really wanted to throw it out of the window!! Windows 10 or not! I am scheduling this as I am out with my daughter when this goes live. I promise to post a picture of Oscar when I've plucked up the courage to "plug" in my camera and iPod

Oooh JACKIE! all those hats, well done to you and your friends - I would have hoped you would have received an acknowledgement at the very least for sending over 250 hats in. What a shame. It almost puts you off joining in again doesn't it. I tried to get more people involved at work, and although it inspired a lot of people to get their knitting needles out again - it wasn't very fruitful!

Today's post isn't craft. Instead it is a photo of Team Gary, we (Gary's family and friends) enter a team into Harefield Hospital's Fun Run every year and it's on this Sunday (11th). Hopefully most of the people in the photo will be there again. This is the 8th year we have taken part.At its largest, the team was 17 strong, but many of his friends have moved too far away or due to work commitments can't always come now  When Gary was alive we hadn't realised that this event takes place every year or we would have taken part with Gary being at the front of the queue.

His outpatient appointments usually occurred immediately after the date and always thought that we were missing one off events - Hey Ho

Let's hope the weather will be kind to us


  1. Wonderful to support such a great cause, xxxx

  2. Hi Karen these are brilliant photos. I hope the weather is good for the event it is such a worthwhile cause. Enjoy your time with your daughter. Take care. Hugs Jackie

  3. Well done Karen. A great to support. Enjoy the time with your daughter. Barbxx

  4. What a lovely photo Karen. I'll be thinking of you on Sunday. Hope the weather stays nice for you all. Best wishes Jackie x

  5. Hi Karen
    You're all wonderful for taking part and its a great tribute to Gary that you do.
    Hope that the weather stays kind to you......forecast looks ok so all the best to you all.
    Ang x