Saturday, 27 June 2015

Oldie for FFFFriday

 Hello one and all
We have beautiful sunshine today, I hope it lasts for a few days at least. Dancing last night was great fun but it was sooooo hot (in more ways than one!) Gail will know what I mean!
Hello to Glenda, thank you for joining in the dance.

Yay! I won a prize on Christine  Emberson's blog here. I think you all already visit her, but just in case! It's brightened my week and feel very lucky (2nd win this year - that never happens to me)

After everything else that has happened this week, a couple more, but trivial, problems. My camera stopped working recently and thinking it was the battery, bought a new one but that's doesn't work either! Then yesterday I tripped on my iPod cable and broke that, so at the moment I can't take photos. Fortunately I had downloaded my recent makes.

Today's oldie was going to be a scrapbook page that included my friend that died recently of us taking part in the Harefield Hospital Fun Run in 2012. It appears that because I'd printed it and placed in my 6x4 photo journal I have deleted it from my laptop
So, my Oldie for Friday See here is one of the first cards I made with one of my favourite MCS cd-roms. As you can see- no dies! I think it's from Fab Glam Fifties. The scrap book page would have been so apt seeing Erika's oldie

If the sunshine lasts I will take the day off from housework - but I might set up the ironing board in the garden and do the ironing.  We haven't got any plans per say but tomorrow we may go and support our local football club's Summer Fete. A friend's son in law is the manager and our daughter quite often helps working in the beer tent or face painting etc - they have a bar too!

Hope everyone enjoys the sunshine while it's here

See you Tuesday


  1. Lovely card Karen, classy, xxx

  2. Great card-love the topper.


  3. Hi Karen,
    Congrats on your win.
    Lovely creation, and it's so classy as is all the fashions of the forties, and fifties.
    They certainly knew how to dress in those days, with class I think.
    I remember my Mums clothes for the fifties, and sixties as she worked in a pub, and it was a country pub where some of the movie stars would use if they were filming in this country.
    She had some wonderful creations, and had a great sense of style right up to her old age, and when she died.
    They said at the church oh that wonderfully dressed lady that's if they didn't know her.
    A great and fitting tribute I think.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  4. Hi Karen very 50s film star in your topper so at least something has gone right for you! Hope you are enjoying your day best wishes Jackie x

  5. Hello Karen,
    Your card is very elegant. I thought for a moment it was a photo of you!!!!
    Maureen xx

  6. A very elegant oldie today Karen. I hope you enjoying the sunshine?
    Thanks for joining me in sharing an oldie this week, happy crafting.

    Hugd Erika.